Surgical Appliance Industries, Inc. (“SAI Brands”) is the owner of the OTC®, TRUFORM®, PCP®, CSX®, CHAMPION® and TOUCH® brands. Online use of trademarks, images, web pages, and product indications is prohibited without prior authorization. Online use of digital content applies to all 3rd party marketplaces (including, and must be in accordance with SAI's online marketplace agreement and MAP policy stated below.


All SAI Therapeutic Brands products sold through approved retail channels are warranted to be free of materials and workmanship defects and warranted to be brand new. All warranties are non-transferable and supported only by authorized dealers. Any defective merchandise will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of SAI. There are no other implied or expressed warranties, including the fitness of the product for certain medical conditions. Warranty is extended only to products purchased from SAI and its subsidiaries, and not to any resold items through unauthorized third parties.


The use of SAI Brand logos, product descriptions, images, web pages, and product indications for use is strictly prohibited unless a written request for permission to use – which must include how the elements will be used – is submitted in advance. Usage will only be permitted after the request is received and reviewed by our marketing department. Third party sales are not permitted and a list of names used for websites sales will be required. Failure to comply with this policy could result in actions to protect SAI.

Please submit your request to Surgical Appliance Industries, 3960 Rosslyn Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45209, Attention: Permissions  


SAI Brands, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to discontinue doing business with any online dealer that advertises any product(s) covered by our MAP Policy at a price lower than the MAP.

All authorized dealers must comply with the terms set in our MAP Policy here.  


Buyer agrees to promote SAI Products on it's website only. Buyer shall not sell SAI products through third party websites without prior written consent to the proposed relationship (including the specific terms of such relationship).

All authorized dealers must complete the Marketplace agreement here

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