SAI product packaging may feature symbols listed below. This list serves as a glossary showing the standard symbols that may appear on packaging and the description of that symbol.

Manufacturer SymbolManufacturer [ISO 15223-1 (5.1.1)]
CE marked product symbolCE marked product
Batch codeBatch code [ISO 15223-1 (5.1.5)]
Do not dry symbolDo not dry
Do not washDo not wash symbol
Normal temperature washNormal temperature wash
Do not ironDo not iron
Tumble DryTumble dry
Wash in cold waterMachine wash in cold water
Only non chlorine bleach when neededOnly non chlorine bleach when needed
Authorized representative in the European Community [ISO 15223-1 (5.1.2)]Authorized representative in the European Community [ISO 15223-1 (5.1.2)]
Do not dry cleanDo not dry clean
Machine washable in warm waterMachine washable in warm water
Do not bleachDo not bleach
Dry flatDry flat
Hand washHand wash

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